Boat Storage Terms and Conditions

It is mutually agreed by the parties that the Owner’s use of the space shall be governed by the following terms and conditions, and by additional conditions and rules established by the Company. Such additional conditions and rules shall apply whether listed on the Company Boat Storage Contract, mailed or verbally conveyed to customers.

  1. Storage is provided as a service for boat owners and other customers and is not rental of the space where the boat is stored.
  2. Payment: Reservation deposits for winter season shall be submitted annually with the forms provided. If timely payment is not made, the Company may reassign space and terminate this contract without notice. Storage payment is due in full within 30 days of invoicing. A finance charge shall be added to amounts not paid when due.
  3. Storage Deposit: Owner agrees to pay a storage deposit in advance of $100.00 for boats less than 25 feet and$300 for boats 25 feet and over. Deposit will be applied to storage invoice.
  4. Measurement: Square footage is determined by multiplying the beam x LOA (length over all) which includes transom or swim platforms, trim tabs, rails, rudders, davits, outdrives, outboards and pulpits. Boats on trailers will be measured as a complete unit: entire length, including trailer tongue, multiplied by the widest point whether it is the trailer or the boat itself.
  5. Subcontractors: The owner agrees that while stored on Company premises, no person or business entity will be permitted to perform labor, services, provide supplies, or make any installation of equipment on the boat unless such person or business entity shall be a company employee, have been sub-contracted by the Company, or have completed a sub-contractors contract and been approved by the company which can be obtained from the Company’s Service Department.
  6. Liability: Each owner is required to carry his/her own insurance against loss or damage by theft vandalism, malicious mischief, fire, wind, water or act of God governing his/her boat and its contents. The Company recommends the Owners remove from their boats all personal property during winter storage or when the boat is left with the Company for purposes of storage. The Company is not completely able to exercise control or supervision over individuals other than Company employees who may come onto the Company premises or may use the grounds adjacent thereto. Company premises may not be fenced or locked. No guard service is provided.
  7. Working on boats: The Company prohibits work inside any of its buildings other than by Company employees or authorized sub-contractors. Owners and their families only are allowed to work on their boat on Company premises, and only when their boat is outside of the buildings. Moving the boat outside is subject to moving at the owner’s expense.
  8. Equipment: Owner agrees that the Company makes no warranty with regard to company ladders, platforms, equipment or gear, and that use by the Owner; his/her family and guest of any such equipment is prohibited. Customer must provide their own equipment if such use is desired.