Formula Boats

Formula Boats is a family-owned company located in Decatur, Indiana, producing boats that are world-renowned for beautiful styling, advanced engineering and exciting performance on the water. With a long-established philosophy of uncompromising quality in every detail, Formula is recognized as today’s premier powerboat. Company history reflects the constant evolution of forward-looking product in the FAS³TECH® hull, trendsetting Super Sports and Sun Sports, and also in luxurious Performance Cruiser and Yacht models. Through sixty years of ongoing advancement in marine manufacturing, Formula’s tradition of excellence continues to surpass expectations with by providing consistently gratifying experiences on the water with your family and friends.

Since 1976, Formula has been 100% owned and managed by The Porter Family, focused on continual product improvement throughout the line, from the smallest Sun Sport to the superlative 45 Yacht. A dedicated team of employees do their best every day, combining premium materials with detailed fit and finish to achieve the extraordinary standard of quality required in a Formula. As lifelong boaters, the Porters realize the importance of responsive, customer-oriented service for owners, addressing issues through area dealerships, authorized service centers and the technical assistance team located at the manufacturing facility.

The Porters invite you to join the ever-growing family of boaters who experience a reassuring difference with Formula. That difference is the result of fine-tuned design, authentic craftsmanship and a company wide insistence on excellence. It means you’ll enjoy more priceless moments with family and friends each time you boat. The Porter family wouldn’t settle for less, and neither should you!

Have you ever wanted the perfect dream boat, but been told you can’t have it all? Take a look at Formula, where we don’t build for the masses, but we do build for you. Only at Formula, it’s all about you, and it’s all about your choice. Our new FormulaFlex program gives you:

• Graphic colors fully interchangeable
• Mix and match upholstery colors
• Wide range of cabin fabrics and surfaces
• Personalized electronics placement
• MyWay™ graphic upgrades – choose any Pantone® colors
• More MyWay choices for cockpit, cabin, electronics

Learn more about FormulaFlex, where you’ll never see another Formula quite like yours!