Trident Funding

Dry Harbour Marine is proud to partner with Trident Funding Corporation

Trident Funding is the largest originator of yacht and boat loans in the United States. With offices located in boating markets around the country, they are here to serve you by offering a wide variety of boat loan programs tailored to meet your specific financial needs. Whether you desire a small runabout, a sportfish, or the finest megayacht, Trident Funding has the right boat loan program for you.

Trident Funding is the most experienced management, sales, and credit team in the industry. Their experience in handling large transactions and complicated credit packages, as well as smaller loan requests, combined with a deep understanding of the industry, allows them to help you select the best program and lending partner for you.

Trident Funding has a variety of fixed and adjustable rate programs for you to choose from. The programs available to you can depend on factors such as loan amount, down payment, vessel type, age of the boat, loan term and credit qualifications. Here are the types of programs Trident Funding offers:

  • Standard Fixed Rates
  • Short-Term Fixed Rate Programs
  • 90-Day Deferred Payment
  • Variable Rate Programs

Need more information? Meet the Regional Sales Team at Trident Funding!